Interactive Maps in Elementor Page Builder

Elementor Page builder is one of the most popular WordPress plugins of it’s type. It has tons of widgets available, but you might need something different for your project. If you need to create an interactive map of the world or of any country, but need something different than Google Maps, you might want to try the Interactive World Maps plugin. These are some examples of maps created with this plugin.

All Countries Placeholder
All Countries
Map Markers Placeholder
Map Markers
US Map Placeholder
US Map

The plugin is fully compatible with the Elementor Page Builder. After you create your map you can easily add it to your page using the Shortcode widget. Below we’ll explain how you can do this with some very simple steps.

1) Install the Plugin

The plugin is for sale exclusively on Envato Market for only $29 with 6 months support included and all future updates. Once you have the plugin zip file, you can install through the Plugins > Add New > Upload interface in your administration. Once you have the plugin installed you’ll see the new ‘Interactive Maps’ menu entry in your administration menu.

2) Build your Map

The plugin comes with more than 300 maps, where you can colour regions or add markers. Both regions and markers can be interactive, displaying tooltips on hover and perform actions on click, like opening a new page or display information on a lightbox or next to the map. Follow the onscreen instructions and create the map to fit your needs. There’s a video tutorial available for beginners also.

Once you have your map saved, you’ll have a unique shortcode. That shortcode will be used to add the map to your page.

3) Add the Map to your Elementor page

The current version of the plugin will not add a new map widget to Elementor builder. However you can use the map shortcode on the existing Shortcode Widget. Just add the shortcode widget to the place on the page where you want the map to display and add the map shortcode there. The preview will not display the map immediately, but once you save your page and preview it, you should see your map.

And that’s it. You can create as many maps as you want and add them into different shortcode widgets. You can also add the map shortcode together with normal text in a text editor, but the Elementor preview will not display the map placeholder, just the shortcode itself, but once published, the map will also display.

If you have any question about Elementor or the Interactive World Maps plugin leave a comment and I’ll try my best to help.

Get Interactive World Maps plugin for only $29

One time fee. All future updates included and 6 months support.

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5 Replies to “Interactive Maps in Elementor Page Builder”

  1. We got the tip to use Interactive World Map on! We have loaded the map and set it up to work well on the desktop. We can’t get the map to click through on the many different phones we have tried. There is a known issue listed on your page, and the contact page for you does not work. We are about to embark on a 4 week trip and the map clicking through on mobile devices is key to the design of our site. We are in need of help, please help us, you are our only hope! Our blog is at


    1. Hi Nick! Contact me using the ‘contact author’ option at the plugins support page. Probably it’s related with the HTML tooltips option. Greetings, Carlos


  2. Thanks for the information, Carlos. I am running a traveling blog and it would be a great solution for my website.


  3. Can your plugin fire off an image gallery when a hotspot is clicked? I need to display a travelog and show multiple images from various locations/hoptspots. thx


    1. Hi! If the gallery already exists on the current page, then yes, the map can trigger a click action to trigger that existing gallery. Greetings, Carlos


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