WordPress Plugins

I developed my first WordPress plugin in 2012 and that changed my life.

Since then my full time job is to create and maintain WordPress plugins, providing support, updates and sometimes even customizations.

Free Plugins.

I currently have 1 free plugin and I plan to develop more.

map icon

Interactive Geo Maps

Create interactive vector maps of the world, continents or a specific country.

Premium Plugins.

Currently all my premium plugins are available on Codecanyon. Most of these where developed more than 5 years ago, but I still provide support and maintain them actively.

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Interactive World Maps

Create Interactive Maps with the Geochart API.

Logos Showcase

Display images in a responsive grid or carousel.

Team Showcase

Display your team members with a professional look.

Advisor Quiz

Create quizzes to engage your users.

Testimonials Showcase

Display Testimonials or Reviews on your website.