How to add a World or Country Map to Wix

There are a lot of reasons why you might want to add a map to your Wix website. You might want to display where you’ve traveled, the locations of the different offices for your business or who to contact on a certain state or region.

I developed the Interactive Maps Generator script, that allows you to create interactive maps that you can embed on your Wix website without the need to upload any file. It generates the maps using the Google Geochart API, which generates vector maps that work on all modern browsers. The generator costs $19, comes with 6 month support if something is not working and you can generate as many maps as you want for your website. You can choose to display a world map or any country map, including the US divided by states. The map code generated by the script will also work on Squarespace and other website builders that allow you to embed javascript code.

Creating your Map

After you download the zip file from codecanyon with the Interactive Maps Generator, unzip it and open the index.html file. Make sure you unzip the file, because if you open the index file from within a zipped folder, the generator won’t work properly. Once you have the generator working, follow the instructions on screen. Here’s a quick youtube video going showing you how to do it.

You’ll be able to select which map to display, if you want to colour regions or add markers, set an action for the click events and customize the map colours. You might need to generate a Google API key, depending on the type of map you’re building.

Get the Embed Code

When your map is ready, you can copy the content of the ‘Javascript Embed Code’ textarea.

Interactive Maps Generator Screen

This is the code you’ll add to your Wix website.

Paste the embed code on your Wix website

When you’re editing the page where you want to add your map, you can click theĀ ‘Add’ option on the left side of the Editor. Click on the option ‘More’ and select the ‘HTML Code’ option. When the window for the HTML settings display, select the ‘Code’ option and add the map code you previously copied to the text area.

You can read more information on how to add HTML code in the Wix support site.

Once you update the code, you should be able to see the map and interact with it when the page is published or in preview mode.

Quick Video

Map Examples

Some examples of maps that you can create with the Generator.

US Map divided by states

US Map Placeholder
US Map

World Map

All Countries Placeholder
All Countries

World Map with Markers

Map Markers Placeholder
Map Markers

Contact Me

Feel free to contact me leaving a comment below for any pre-purchase questions or write me through codecanyon, once you have the script.