Engage your users with beautiful Quizzes and give them tailored content suggestions

Advisor Quiz is a Premium WordPress plugin to build quizzes that will help you boost your website engagement.
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Engage Users

Build quizzes that capture your user’s attention and interests.
It’s proven that it improves bounce rate and conversions.

Suggest Content

Recommend any type of content from your website based on the user’s responses. This includes WooCommerce Products, Articles or Custom Post Types.

Track Activity

Get statistics from your quiz activity to discover what your users care about. Track number of visits, referrers, answers, click through recommendations and much more.


Get Leads

Ask for your visitors emails to see results and forward them to other content on your website based on their interests.

Advisor Quiz will help you increase your conversions, email list, social shares, and give you data about your visitors interests.

4 Quiz Types

You’ll be able to create different kind of quizzes which will work differently, so you can provide different experiences to your users.

Content Filter (New to WP!)

Build a wizard to help your users find the content they need! Setup questions that will work as content filters and provide suggestions according to the options selected! This is a great way to engage your users and help them find the content they need. This works with WooCommerce Products and any type of custom Post Type. A great tool to build a product suggestion engine and help your users find what they need. Basically it will work as a mask for an advanced search filter.


Very popular and viral type of quiz, where the user answers a few questions and gets feedback with information of his profile/personality traits. Perfect for a recommendation engine for example.


The most common quiz type, where you can test your users knowledge. Each question will have a correct answer – or a group of correct answers – and in the end the user will receive feedback based on their score. You can attach content suggestions to the different feedback entries that you create.


Very simple quiz concept with big potential. You’ll display questions with a list of entries to your visitors and they will select the ones according to the question asked. For example, if you ask “How many countries have you visited” and provide a list of all the countries, or “How many of these types of pasta have you eaten” and display different types of pasta. In the end the user will get some feedback based on the number of entries they selected. You can attach content suggestions based on the number of entries selected or based on the answers they didn’t select.



Dozens of different options to customize the text and colours of the layout.


Mobile friendly layouts that will work across all devices.

Simple Admin Interface

Tons of options, but simple recognizable interface.

3 Different Layouts

For some flexibility on how to display your quiz.

Presentation Layout

Use images to their full potential. Display your quiz in a slide show format, where each question will have a image in the background.

Image Grid Layout

Very popular layout that you’ll find on most quiz sites. Each question and each answer can have associated images. Captivate your users with images and provide a great quiz experience.

Minimal Layout

You just want something simple? We got you covered. This layout doesn’t need images but still displays the questions and answers in a beautiful minimalist way, that will look good on both desktop and mobile devices.

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Extensive Documentation

FAQ and Documentation that will continue to grow.

Premium Support

Answers in less than 24h on working days. Support rated 5 starts by hundreds of users.

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