Visited Countries Map

Free visited countries map generator! Select the countries you visited, save the map URL and share it with your friends! You can check how many countries and continents you traveled to and what percentage of countries you visited with a counter. Totally free!


Save the unique URL above and you can share it anywhere you want it or come back to edit the map.

Looking to add a map on your own website? Check the options below.

WordPress Plugin

Do you own a WordPress website and want a more advanced and flexible map? Where you can add links, makers and customize even further the maps? Take a look at my Interactive Geo Maps plugin!

Need it for Squarespace or Wix?

I have built a standalone generator that allows you to create an interactive map and add it to your Squarespace or Wix website!

Check out my articles about how to do it:

Add an interactive map on Wix

Add an interactive map on Squarespace

Visited Countries Map Generator v.2 | Contact Me if you want to have a generator like this on your page.