The plugin includes several shortcodes that can be used to generate layouts, forms or data. The most important ones are available in the shortcode generator:

  • [show-testimonials …]
  • [show-testimonials-form …]
  • [show-average-rating …]

For the shortcodes above, all options and parameters can be controlled in the shortcode generator page. You can also save shortcodes to load and edit later on.

Extra Shortcodes


It will display the number of entries¬†with a particular status (published by default). You can use the parameter ‘status’ to choose different status, for example:
[show-testimonials-total-count status=’trash’]
[show-testimonials-total-count status=’draft’]
[show-testimonials-total-count status=’pending’]
[show-testimonials-total-count status=’publish’]

[show-testimonials-custom slug=”]

Will display the number of entries of a particular category/group, defined in the slug parameter.


Will display the list of groups in an unordered list.


Custom made shortcode that displays a box with the number of approved entries, pending review and trashed/refused. You can use the following parameters:
[show-testimonials-counter publish=’Publish Label’ trash=’Trash Label’ pending=’Pending Label’ icon-color=’#e67fb9′ number-color=’#CCCCCC’ label-color=’#333333′]