Rich Snippets

Structured Data provides information about your page to the search engines.
If you are using the STAR RATING option for your entries, you can activate the Structured Data so Review or Aggregate Review information will be included in the code and they may be picked up by Google to display star rating review snippets.
The code will follow the Google’s recommendations. Including the structured data doesn’t mean the review snippet will display automatically, it will just enable it. It’s up to Google to decide if and when the review snippet will display.
For the structured data to work better and have more chances of displaying on search engine result pages, there are a few things to take into consideration:

  • Compatible types: In Google’s documentation page, they mention the review snippets will be considered for Local Business, Movies, Books, Music and Products. The plugin provides a platform to include information for Local Business and Products. So if you provide a Service and don’t have a physical address, then Google won’t consider your page for rich snippets.
  • Ratings and reviews must be collected directly from users and not from other sites. You should have a page with a form to collect the reviews and ratings from users. Specially for the LocalBusiness type.
  • There must be information about the ‘product being reviewed’.
    Search engines will need to know what is being reviewed. By default the title of your website will be the title of the product. You can change this in the plugin settings. If you need to use the LocalBusiness type, then other fields such as address and image are recommended.
  • Read Google’s guidelines
  • You can and should test your page using the Google Structured Data Testing Tool.

Valuable resources: