Product or Business Reviews

Although the main purpose of this plugin is to display testimonials, you can also use it as a simple review platform. You can place a front-end review submission form with the fields and information you choose and also place the reviews in the same page. By default the review submissions will have to be approved so they can display, however you can change it so they are approved automatically.
The review entries can be grouped in categories that can be interpreted as the products or business being reviewed. You can set the form to submit the review to a predefined category or using the [current page id] option.
Using the [ Current Page ID ] Filter
To help extend this use of the plugin, when creating a shortcode to display the frontend submission form, you can set the default category as  [ Current Page ID ]. This will interpret the current page as the ‘product’, ‘business’ or category being reviewed. It will use the current page ID and title to create a category if it doesn’t exist yet. When creating a shortcode to display the reviews, you can also filter the entries by [Current Page ID] so this way the layout will only display the entries of reviews of the current page being displayed. It is also important you activate ‘use categories as products’ in the plugin structured data settings page.
This is particularly useful if you use the shortcodes in widgets that will display across the pages of several products or business. This way you can have one shortcode that can be used across all different pages.
The plugin will automatically create the ‘groups’ for the pages, with this format:

  • Page ID will be the ‘slug’ of the group created;
  • The Page title will be the group name;
  • The page URL (permalink) might be used in the group description (to enable linking when displaying together with the review).

Example Product Reviews

Imagine if this page would be a product page. We can build a complete product review page with 3 shortcodes.
Below, we can display the product info, with the  average rating shortcode, followed by the show testimonials layout shortcode and front-end form shortcode.

Testimonials Showcase image

Testimonials Showcase WordPress Plugin

Rating of Average of 5 on a total of 2 Ratings

Slider Layout Example

Simple 1 Colum Grid Layout Example

This is a demonstration entry to show how reviews of products can look like. Praesent congue imperdiet neque in elementum. Vivamus erat ipsum, pulvinar eget aliquet a, egestas vel erat. In hac habitasse platea dictumst.

Carlos Moreira

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Example Reviewer

Front-end Submission Form Example

69 + 6 =

Structured Data & Rich Snippets

Test this page in the Google Structured Data Tool.
Only the Reviews list has the Rich Snippets active. The Average review rating information block can’t have the rich snippets active, since the review list will also include an aggregate review meta data, so it’s important only one is included per page.