Lightbox Links

The Testimonials Showcase gives you the option to link the featured image of the testimonial entry with a lightbox type link.
You can choose the link to open with the default lightbox or with a custom lightbox.

Default Lightbox

The plugin comes with the ‘Colorbox‘ lightbox script. The links will open in a iFrame with 640×390 pixels size. Below are some FAQ.

How to open a youtube video?

If you place a youtube link to open on the iframe, the link will not work, because youtube doesn’t allow it’s site to open inside an iframe. What you need is the direct embed link of the video so it displays inside the iframe. So, your link is this one: // You will have to convert it to // This link will work in the default lightbox.

How do I change the size of the iframe?

Currently the only way to change the size of the iframe, is to change it in the code. You’ll need to open the file testimonials-showcase/layouts/grid/js/colorbox.js There you’ll find the width and height values that you can change.

Custom Lightbox

The plugin also allows you to use a custom lightbox, other than the one provided by the plugin by default. If you have another lightbox plugin installed read through the documentation to understand what parameters a link needs to have so it will work as a lightbox link. In the Testimonials Showcase Advanced Settings Page there are 2 input fields to insert the necessary information from your lightbox plugin: the class attribute and the rel attribute. Most of the lightbox plugins out there just need the links to have a specific class or rel attribute. You’ll need to place them on these fields so the testimonials showcase plugin adds this information to the links, when needed.