The Testimonials Plugin with all the features you need

Perfect to display testimonials, reviews or case studies.
Rich Snippets compatible and front-end submission form available!

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It’s perfect to

  • Display Testimonials from your clients or supporters;
  • Display reviews of your product or service (example);
  • Display a list of quotes;
  • Link Case Studies.

Main Features

  • Grid or Slider Layouts
  • More than 15 layout customisation options
  • Rich Snippets compatible
  • Front-End submission form available
  • Translation Ready

Simple Grid Example

You can create grid with up to 6 columns, select among 4 visual themes and control the alignment of the elements. Below is a simple example of 2 entries in 2 columns, with the Rounded Speech Bubbles theme with the elements aligned right and the author box on the left of the testimonial text.

Bruce Parker

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Bruce Kent

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Simple Slider Example

You can also choose the slider layout and control the controls type, the speed and the transition type, besides having the same layout options as the grid layout.

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Product Review Example

You can use the plugin to generate shortcodes to build a simple review system of your products or services!

Testimonials Showcase image

Testimonials Showcase WordPress Plugin

Rating of Average of 5 on a total of 2 Ratings


This is a demonstration entry to show how reviews of products can look like. Praesent congue imperdiet neque in elementum. Vivamus erat ipsum, pulvinar eget aliquet a, egestas vel erat. In hac habitasse platea dictumst.

Carlos Moreira
Carlos Moreira

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Example Reviewer

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