Open Single Page Content in Lightbox

From version 1.8.6 (released August 2017)

In the shortcode generator page, in the ‘Entry Link’ dropdown, select the ‘Lightbox’ option. This will generate the following parameter in your shortcode: url=’lightbox’

This is the result:

Sales Agent
Copy Writer
Profile Picture
HR Assistant
Profile Picture
Costumer Support
Profile Picture
Social Networks Manager

To control what displays in the lightbox, refer to the ‘Single Page Options’ in the settings page, where you can select the layout and which elements you want to display.

Before version 1.8.6

Although the plugin does not include a lightbox feature in the versions below 1.8.6, it is possible to use it with other lightbox plugins to open the featured image or a URL inside a lightbox.

You can use for example the plugin Easy Fancybox to do this. After you install this plugin you should go to Settings > Media and enable Fancybox for Iframes. Further down you’ll see that you need to use the class “fancybox-iframe” on the links to open with the fancybox. In the Team Showcase plugin settings page, on the field ‘Main Link CSS Class’ you can place this value.

With these settings, when you have a layout with the links activated, they should open on a lightbox.

You can also style the single page to have only the content you need. You can either create a custom single-tshowcase.php theme template, or try to hide elements with css, for example:

.single-tshowcase header { display:none; }
.single-tshowcase footer { display:none; }