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I have been using this plugin for some time now, and decided to leave some feedback. The plugin is great and the support provided by Carlos is top notch. Thank you!


I’ve purchased this plugin several days ago and wanted to share my pleasure from using it.

This plugin was extremely easy to customize and all the settings were so intuitive that I didn’t even bother myself reading the documentation.

All in all, I highly recommend this plugin and Carlos as the Author! Extremely glad with this purchase.

Regards, Konstantin


Rated 5 stars because i actually fell in love with this plugin! it’s super easy & saves a lot of time and energy especially when you’re working with a super-theme that you need to customize every bit about it, i displayed my client’s logos on my website homepage after only 2 minutes from hitting the purchase button and believe me that’s a guinness score record!


I was trying to figure the best way to get a new web clients logos into the WP site I’m designing for her and quickly came across your Top Selling plugin on Code Canyon… Loved your demos, bought immediately and 10 minutes after installing and importing all my clients brand logos and #POW!! I already LUV THI$ PLUGIN!! THNKS #Cmoreira #LogosShowcase for all the display options and your Talents and Awesomeness!! You’ve got yourself a #BigFan Now Forward


Thanks again Carlos for all your help and for making this plugin.

To anyone interested in purchasing this plugin, I highly recommend it!

It is so intuitive and easy to use. It also displays everything in a stunning way!

Alex (YourFutureStrategy)

This is an excellent plugin to display your stakeholders’ logos and Carlos’s support is remarkable – quick, patient and helpful. Thank you.


This is a must have plugin! I wished I had it years ago!


Just wanted to commend you on a fantastic plugin, exactly what I was looking for and very easy to use, and from what I have read here, the support is excellent. Can’t wait for future updates and to see it grow. Definitely spreading the word


Wow – this is a great plugin, it saved my bacon as I had to upload about 28 sponsor’s logos which would have been a nightmare using conventional layout methods! Only thing is, the built-in sorting did not work properly so I installed the plugin ‘post-types-order’ and now its perfect…thank you!


Carlos, THANK YOU! I love this plug-in. It does exactly what my clients want. Before I was just using a single jpg for all logos, but now i am super cool with how the logos are presented. LOVE IT!!!


This plug-in is an absolute joy to work with. Setup was super simple and the shortcode generator is a nice touch. Well thought out. Thank you Carlos!


I own this developer’s maps plugin and also just bought this scrolling logos carousel for a client site.

He’s responsive, thorough with support, and his plugins just work. Well.

Top marks.


This was just what I was looking (long and hard) for. Thank you for a job well done.


I just wanted to congratulate you on an amazing plugin. I bought it, installed it and loved it ever since. I find more uses for it everyday. Very well thought out. I would rate it 10 stars if possible! :)

Keep up the great work!



The Plugin I was waiting for… THX


Thanks for creating this. I have been doing this manually for each Club and Team sponsor for a football / soccer site and it takes ages each time there’s a change, so this plugin is very helpful!


just a brillant plugin. loaded and it just worked.
Hope the sales keep going up. 5 stars already put.


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