Image Grid Example

This is an example of how you can use this plugin outside the box. Instead of logo images, you can also use this plugin to display image boxes, so you can enhance the interaction of your site. In this example I created a responsive 3 columns grid.



  1. Cheryl Comfort   •  

    This looks great – easy for a client to maintain. Is it possible to have words over the top of the image – not just appear on hover?

    • Carlos Moreira   •     Author

      Hi! Not in the current version, but it’s something I’ll add in the future! Greetings, Carlos

    • Carlos Moreira   •     Author

      In the latest version it is now possible to display content below the image. Greetings, Carlos

  2. elena   •  

    Hey! i have a question about Logos Showcase plugin. If I choose responsive grid can I set any number of rows or am I stuck with two rows only as shown in demo version. Thank you

    • Carlos Moreira   •     Author

      Hi! You can choose how many columns you want. You can choose between 1 up to 12 columns. Greetings, Carlos

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