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Poland Map with Icons

Poland Base Map Placeholder
Poland Base Map
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Poland Markers

Example of Poland with vector icons. This map was created using these techniques:




Interactive Map of Poland – Travel map example

Poland Placeholder

Example map of Poland, with markers on chosen cities.

Interactive World Map plugin will help you to create interactive maps. You can create maps of a single country or the whole World. It’s up to you!
With this plugin you can for instance show the travel destinations of your last trip.
Here for example we have the map of Poland, where we marked some cities with a colored bubble. They can be red, green, blue, you choose, you just have to assign a HTML color code. Or you can color the regions of Poland instead of cities.
Building this is very intuitive. To place the markers we chose the option “Display Mode: Markers (Coordinates)” in order to display the cities by coordinates. This will makes the markers load faster which is recommended if you have many cities to display.  Furthermore  the marker will display more information below the map by choosing the action “Display Content Below  Map”. Write whatever HTML content you like. Browse this website to see other examples.

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