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Map of Iran with Interactive Markers

Iran Full Placeholder
Iran Full
Iran Markers Placeholder
Iran Markers

The colour for Iran and the markers can be customized.

This example uses the same technique to hide neighbouring regions as this example.

Example of Italy with markers and regions

Italia II - Base for Markers Placeholder
Italia II - Base for Markers
Italy Markers Placeholder
Italy Markers

This is an example map built using the ‘overlay‘ technique, to have markers and regions coloured on the same map.

World Map with vector icons as markers

The Google Geochart API doesn’t allow us to use custom markers, but with some CSS magic and using the FontAwesome toolkit library we can use vector icons instead of the default round coloured markers!

Icons Marker Placeholder
Icons Marker

Learn more about this technique.

Interactive Map of Poland – Travel map example

Poland Placeholder

Example map of Poland, with markers on chosen cities.

Interactive World Map plugin will help you to create interactive maps. You can create maps of a single country or the whole World. It’s up to you!
With this plugin you can for instance show the travel destinations of your last trip.
Here for example we have the map of Poland, where we marked some cities with a colored bubble. They can be red, green, blue, you choose, you just have to assign a HTML color code. Or you can color the regions of Poland instead of cities.
Building this is very intuitive. To place the markers we chose the option “Display Mode: Markers (Coordinates)” in order to display the cities by coordinates. This will makes the markers load faster which is recommended if you have many cities to display.  Furthermore  the marker will display more information below the map by choosing the action “Display Content Below  Map”. Write whatever HTML content you like. Browse this website to see other examples.

US Interactive Office Location Map

USA Markers Placeholder
USA Markers
Click on the markers to see more details


This is a simple example of a map of the USA. We added a few markers that could indicate office locations or something else. You can then specify an action for the markers, in this case we created a custom action to display HTML information below the map. The plugin already comes with built-in actions like opening a new link or display an alert message. You can specify colors of the markers and the color for the US map.

For instructions on how to build this custom action, check out this other example of a world map with office locations.

With this wordpress plugin you can create as many maps as you want!

World Offices Map Information Display


World Office Locations Placeholder
World Office Locations
Click on the markers for more information

With the Interactive World Maps plugin you can create a World Map and display markers wherever you want. In this Example I created markers in different locations of the world, with custom colors, and I created a custom javascript action to display information about each office on click.

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