Italy Maps for WordPress

Examples of maps focused on Italy built with the Google Geochart API on the Interactive World Map plugin. You can display Italy divided by regions and make them clickable or you can place markers where you want.

Italy map with improved viewport

Italy Crop Placeholder
Italy Crop

The above map of Italy was edited to fit a more vertical viewport. The maps generated using the Google Geochart API have a ~4:3 viewport and some countries do not fit perfectly in this aspect ratio, leaving extra space that could be hidden. When creating a map you can use the ‘Custom CSS Generator’ below the map preview. You’ll the options to change the viewport with some CSS. Below are the values used for this Italy map.


Complete Setup Page Screenshot:

Example of Italy with markers and regions

Italia II - Base for Markers Placeholder
Italia II - Base for Markers
Italy Markers Placeholder
Italy Markers

This is an example map built using the ‘overlay‘ technique, to have markers and regions coloured on the same map.

Map of Italy for WordPress websites

Italia II Placeholder
Italia II

This time in our example page we take a little tour through the Italian Regions with our new interactive Italian map. We chose a setting for our map in order to divide all the Regions of Italy, and we gave the information about the Region name and the state capital.

Different shades of blue are applied for the map.  But you can definitely decide to color each Region in a different way! Or pick just some Regions instead of all.  If you don’t know where to take the color you can go here:  colorbrewer.

This is only one of the possible use for this Interactive World Maps plugin , get it to try out what you can do with it in your website or blog. Do you want to point some specific cities, link to another website, add an image? Do you want to show your clients where you company offices are located in your Country or on a World map? Do you want to show your friends the next destinations of your challenging trip around the World?  This plugin will help you.

Learn more about the Interactive World Map plugin in this website, the “About” section will give you a nice tour over the features.  And if you are experienced enough you can also create some Javascript functions for customized features.

And.. don’t forget to drop a message if you have any doubt or trouble with it.
Have a nice map experience.


Vi mostriamo in alto l’esempio di una mappa interattiva dell’Italia creata con questo plugin per WordPress. Abbiamo diviso l’Italia per Regioni, colorato ogni Regione e specificatone nome e capoluogo. Ma è solo uno degli esempi delle applicazioni di questo plugin. È anche possibile selezionare solo una o più Regioni, aggiungere immagini, scegliere di selezionare città invece che Regioni, aggiungere link.  All’interno di questo sito trovate altri esempi di possibili utilizzi. È un plugin intuitivo e facile da utilizzare. A vostra disposizione per dubbi o domande!

Italy – Interactive Map with images onclick

Italy  Placeholder

This is an example featuring a a map of Italy, set with an action to display images on a lightbox after the user clicks on a region. The dark colored regions feature an image, and the light colored don’t.

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