General Maps for WordPress

Ukraine Map with labels

Ukraine ( copy) Placeholder
Ukraine ( copy)
Ukraine Labels Placeholder
Ukraine Labels

United States Example with Text Labels

3 States Placeholder
3 States
3 state markers Placeholder
3 state markers

Italy map with improved viewport

Italy Crop Placeholder
Italy Crop

The above map of Italy was edited to fit a more vertical viewport. The maps generated using the Google Geochart API have a ~4:3 viewport and some countries do not fit perfectly in this aspect ratio, leaving extra space that could be hidden. When creating a map you can use the ‘Custom CSS Generator’ below the map preview. You’ll the options to change the viewport with some CSS. Below are the values used for this Italy map.


Complete Setup Page Screenshot:

Map of Portugal for WordPress

The map of Portugal included in the plugin only includes mainland Portugal divided by districts, it doesn’t include the autonomous regions. This is a limitation of the Google Geochart API.

Districts Map

Portugal Placeholder

Markers Map

Portugal Markers Placeholder
Portugal Markers

PT: O mapa de Portugal incluído no plugin apenas mostra o território de Portugal continental, não incluí as regiões autónomas. Infelizmente esta é uma limitação da Geochart API da Google.

Map of USA and Puerto Rico

The map of US included in the plugin does not display Puerto Rico. However you can create a different map with Puerto Rico alone and set both maps to display on the same page, as shown below.

United States Map Placeholder
United States Map
Puerto Rico Placeholder
Puerto Rico

South Africa Example

South Africa Placeholder
South Africa
South Africa - Markers Placeholder
South Africa - Markers

Example of South Africa map built with this plugin, using the technique to overlay markers on a regions map.

Faroe Islands Map with Markers

Faroe Islands Placeholder
Faroe Islands
Faroe Islands (Copy) Placeholder
Faroe Islands (Copy)

Poland Map with Icons

Poland Base Map Placeholder
Poland Base Map
Poland Markers Placeholder
Poland Markers

Example of Poland with vector icons. This map was created using these techniques:




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