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Europe map zoomed from World Map

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Larger Europe Map

Map of Europe for WordPress – Visited countries example

Europe Countries Visited Placeholder
Europe Countries Visited

This is an example of how you can use the map of Europe included in this plugin. You can display the map and color each country with a custom color and create a tooltip with different information for each. All the active regions are interactive and you can choose if you want them to open a new link, display a message, or any other javascript action. Check this example for an advanced use of a custom action.

In this example I created a map of Europe, where I highlight the countries that I have visited and where I lived in. When you click on the countries, a simple alert message will display, to serve as an example of a possible interaction.

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France Regions Map – CSS Change Example

France Placeholder

Description: Example of France regions with 3 different colors.
Display Mode: Regions.
Action: Custom Javascript action to change border color.

Google Offices in Germany – Load HTML content example

Germany Placeholder
Click on the marker to see office details

This example uses a custom Javascript action to load HTML content into a div when the user clicks in the marker, in this Germany Interactive map.

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Online Map of Europe Capitals

Europe Placeholder

This is an online interactive map with the list of the European Capitals.
When clicked, the Wikipedia page for that city will open on a new window.

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