Create a Map without needing the Google Maps API Key

Google recently started making API Keys required, when using their Geocoding service. This affects the plugin since it uses the geocoding service in these 2 scenarios:

  • Regions maps where the region codes where the names of the regions or countries in text;
  • Markers/Text Labels maps with text locations in the region code (for example a city name);

Maps that have the above characteristics will need a Google Maps API Key in order to work.

Markers Map without API Key

To create a markers/text labels map that will work without the Google Maps API Key, you’ll need to use coordinates in the region code field. You’ll need to select the ‘Markers (coordinates)’ display mode.

The plugin provides a small form to convert a text address into coordinates (latitude and longitude), but this is also dependent on the API Key. To workaround this, you can get the coordinates from external websites, like the following:

The latitude and longitude need to be in the ‘region code’ field for each marker entry, following the correct format. For example:

If you build your map like this, you won’t need the Google Maps API Key.

Maps will also load faster if you use this approach, since the entries won’t need to be geocoded.



Regions Map without API Key

To have a regions map work without the API Key you just need to make sure to use the 2 letter ISO code for each country or the ISO_3166-2 codes for each region of a country.