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How to Build the Map of Austria with regions and markers

To display a map like the above example, in the Interactive World Maps plugin, we’ll need to create 2 maps. One with the display mode set to ‘regions’ and add the information for the regions and a different map with the display mode ‘Markers’ where we add the cities information. We then used the technique to overlay the 2 maps, so they display together as one. Which basically consists of using the ID of the markers map in the shortcode of the regions map, with the parameter overlay, like this:

{show-map id=”1″ overlay=”2″}

where 1 would be the ID of the regions map and 2 the ID of the markers map.

In the regions map, to hide the neighbouring countries, we set the colour of the inactive regions to ‘transparent’ and set the border colour of inactive regions to 0px.

To have content display below the map on click, we selected the active region action ‘Display Content Below Map’. However, since there are 2 maps, there will be 2 regions to display the content of each map. To have both maps display the content on the same area, for the markers map we select the ‘Custom Action’ option and use the following code:


This will target the content for the markers to the area of the regions content, like the map above. This considering the ID for the regions map is 1.

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