Australia Maps for WordPress

Map of Australia with markers

Australia Markers Placeholder
Australia Markers

This is an example of a map of Australia created with the Interactive World Maps WordPress plugin. In this case we used the Markers display mode to place some markers on the map. We choose the action ‘Display Content Below the Map’ to easily show content after the user clicks on one of the cities.

With this plugin you can do a map like this in just a few minutes. The plugin includes maps of Australia divided by it’s states, and also not divided by states. You can also choose to display Oceania for a broader view of the continent.

Browse this website for other examples of what you can do with this plugin and don’t hesitate to leave any comment or question!




Australia SVG Map for WordPress

In this example a map of Australia states was created.

Australia Placeholder

You can customize the colors and the tooltip content and onclick action. In this case I added a small customization option with CSS:

#map_canvas_20 path {

With this code, the hover effect on the states stroke is smaller, and therefore it’s easier, for example, to choose the Australian Capital Territory area. With some CSS tweaks, you can also make a ‘crop’ not to display the right side of the map, and therefore don’t display New Zealand.

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