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Interactive Map of Africa

Map of Africa Placeholder
Map of Africa

This is a Map of Africa for WordPress. Imagine that you want to select only a few countries to show where in Africa they speak Portuguese, like in this example. Once on the administrative panel just edit the Map settings, it’s easy.  First of all Select the wanted ‘Region to Display’: in this case we chose ‘Africa’. Then if you decide to choose the ‘Display mode – Regions’ you can select your Region code using the ISO-3166-1 code. But you can  also write its English text equivalent. For Mozambique for example the ISO code is MZ. We give a title and write a tooltip text that will both appear when we hover the Region as you can see here. Check how the administration screen looks like:

(click to enlarge)

And start building your map in a few minutes.


Changing the default crop

Duplicate of Africa Placeholder
Duplicate of Africa

The default area that the plugin displays for Africa is very wide, as it includes all the islands that are also part of Africa some of them very small, and far from the continent main land. But with some advanced customization we can change the default crop. We just need to add a few extra lines of CSS to our wordpress theme.

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