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Interactive Maps for WordPress

Interactive World Maps is a WordPress plugin sold exclusively on Envato Market. It uses the Google Geochart API to generate responsive maps that you can customize and place anywhere on your site.

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Maps Included

  • World Maps
  • Continent focused maps (Africa, Europe, Americas, Asia, Oceania)
  • Subcontinent focused maps (i.e. South America, North America, Western Europe, South Asia … )
  • Country focused maps (i.e. USA, United Kingdom, Canada, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Brazil, India, Australia… virtually all the countries in the world already included)
  • Country focused maps divided by main regions (i.e. USA map divided by States, Spain divided by Autonomous communities, UK divided by it’s 4 countries, etc.)
  • US State focused map.
  • US State maps divided by DMA regions.
  • USA map divided by DMA regions
US Map Placeholder
US Map


The maps will adapt according to the space available to display.

Different Display Types

You can colour regions, plot markers or add text labels to your map. Or combine markers and coloured regions in the same map using advanced techniques.

Mobile Ready

The maps are generated by the Google Geochart API in SVG format, so they work cross-platform, including iOS devices!


You’ll be able to set click actions to the text, markers or regions coloured, including:
Open new URL
Display custom HTML content below or above the map
Display an alert message
Run custom javascript code

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Europe Countries Visited
Australia Placeholder


You have control over the map visuals, including:

  • Background color;
  • Inactive regions color;
  • Individual colours for each active region or marker;
  • Markers size;

CSS Hacks Made Easy

The Geochart API doesn’t some customization options, but we make it easy to implement them anyway with CSS:

  • Country border colour and size;
  • Hover colour
  • Tooltip customization
  • Fontawesome integration

Established Product

Released in 2012 and constantly improving!


Thousands of happy customers! 4.6/5 average rating!

Professional Support

Dedicated support team supervised by plugin author!



We offer tons of examples and simple tutorials on how to create awesome maps!

Get the plugin now and start creating your map within minutes


If anyone is thinking about buying this plug-in, don’t hesitate. It doesn’t get any better than this. If you think $18 is too steep, you’ve never struggled coding maps. This is such a time saver that I’d gladly have paid ten times the asking price. In fact, I’ve paid a pretty penny for software over the years hoping to save time and aggravation when it came to making interactive maps. Interactive World Maps is a gem

This is the easiest to use plugin. I bought the plugin to use for a client’s site that does work all over the world. They wanted an easy way to display information about their work in different countries and this made my life so simple. Well worth the money and I’ll be back to purchase for any additional clients who need this type of functionality.

Benjamin Bradley
via Codecanyon
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Map of Germany
Italia II Placeholder
Italia II
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Brazil Markers

Works with virtually all WordPress themes that support shortcodes. Including Avada, Divi, X-Theme, Enfold and page builders like Visual Composer, Beaver Builder, Fusion Builder, among others.

Advanced Customizations

The Google Geochart API is great, but there are some options that it doesn’t include. But with some custom CSS or Javascript we can extend the functionality and visuals of the maps further! Here are some examples of what we can achieve. Refer to the ‘How To‘ page to learn more.

United States Map Placeholder
United States Map
Coordinates Example Placeholder
Coordinates Example

Overlay Markers on a Region Map

Icons Marker Placeholder
Icons Marker

Use fontawesome Icons as markers

Get the plugin now and start creating your map within minutes.
6 months support already included!