Date and Time Picker for Wordpress

Date Time Picker Field is a WordPress plugin that allows you to apply a simple Date and Time picker field to any input field using CSS Selectors.

After you install the plugin, go to the Settings page under Settings > DateTime Picker. There you’ll find the plugin options.

The most important thing to get started is to know the CSS selector of the input field that you want to apply the datetime picker. There are numerous youtube tutorials that describe techniques to do this, if you don’t know how yet.

Once you apply set the css selector and save the changes the plugin should convert that field into a date/time picker.

See how it looks below:

( By default, the value above will be the next available time slot, based on the site’s timezone, which is currently UTC )


Settings Screen


Download the Plugin

Date Time Picker Field


The original datetime picker jquery script that the plugin uses was developed by Valeriy Chupurnov under MIT License.


You can find the latest development version on the github page for the plugin.

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