Interactive Geo Maps Pro Available

A few months ago I launched a new free plugin for WordPress, Interactive Geo Maps. This month I launched a Pro version, with more advanced features that will cater the needs of the more experienced and demanding users.

The Pro version will include the same maps offered in the free version. What changes is what you can do with those maps.

While the free version only allows you to colour regions with the same colour and add round coloured markers, the Pro version will have more advanced features, starting with the fact that you can colour each region and marker individually. You can also add vector icons and custom images to the map and setup multiple click actions, like open a content in a lightbox or display custom content next or below the map.

Another interesting feature is the fact you can add text labels, which is particularly helpful for countries where some regions might be too small to be easily clickable. The US maps are an example.

The plugin includes more than 200 maps, including several versions of the world map divided by countries and continents, single country maps and US county maps. Not all countries in the world are available yet, but there’s just a few missing and with the Pro version you can use custom geoJSON files. You can already create maps for United States of America, India, China, Brazil, Russia, Mexico, Japan, Germany, France, United Kingdom, Italy, South Africa, Spain, Poland, Canada, Australia and many others! See the full list of available maps.

A lot of cool things can be done with the Pro version. One particular feature I like is the option to connect markers with lines. It can give you an edge on your maps. It works both for travel maps and business maps. You can setup travel routes or visually represent relations between different places in the world on your map.

Map with lines connecting markers
Map with lines connecting markers

A popular request that not many plugins offer is the option to have different the regions of a certain country in the world map. In the screenshot you see the world map with the US divided by states, where you can add individual interactivity to each US state but also the other countries. In the Pro version you can do this with the maps overlay option.

US states map in a world map
US map divided by states in the world map

What about having a map represented in a globe, like the real planet earth? The plugin uses the amcharts library to create the maps, which allow us to create some interesting and unique things. Getting a more realistic representation of the world will certainly be appealing to your visitors. You don’t see that very often.

Interactive Globe Map
Globe projection

Another unique feature included in the Pro version of the plugin, is the ability to create drill down maps, where you can start with the world map and click a country to see more details. The map can automatically zoom there and display a new map of that country divided by regions. The process is not fully automatic, but it’s documented on the official website.

US state map in world map. Drill down map example.
Drill down maps

Although the free version already does a lot and it will be enough for the vast majority of users, the features included in the Pro version will help you take your maps to another level with more options to control the styles and functionality of the map.

Table of features

Included Maps250+ Maps Included 250+ Maps Included
SupportBasic Support
Slower to answer
Priority Support
Answers usually in less than 24h.
Colour RegionsLimited
1 Colour for all regions
No Limits
Round Coloured MarkersLimited
1 Colour for all markers
No Limits
HTML Tooltips
Map Projections4 Included 10+
Specify Regions to Display
ZoomLimited Advanced
Change initial zoom and center
Custom Image Markers
Display content outside map
Group RegionsPartially Supported Fully Supported
Connecting Lines
Open content in Lightbox
Overlay Maps
Populate Map Automatically
Projection Offset
Text Labels
Vector Icon Markers
Drilldown Maps
Get Free VersionFree Pro Trial

Since the launch the plugin has been getting lots of positive feedback and was featured in several websites, like WP Buffs and WPExplorer.

You’ve read this far? I have a bonus for you!

If you’re interested in the plugin and read this far, you deserve a reward. You can use the following promotion code to get a 25% discount in any of the available payment plans.


Even better, you can apply this promotional code to the 7 days FREE trial! So if you apply this when registering to the trial period, if you decide to keep the plugin, the discount will be applied.

Any questions or suggestions?

If you have any questions about this WordPress plugin feel free to contact me or leave a comment below.

Posted by Carlos Moreira

Web developer based in Porto, Portugal, working mostly with WordPress. Disclosure: Some of the links in this blog are 'affiliate links.' This means if you click on a link to a commercial product and purchase the item, I will receive an affiliate commission.

2 Replies to “Interactive Geo Maps Pro Available”

  1. Hello Carlos,

    I am a beginner using your wordpress plugin “interactive geo maps”

    I am contacting you because i have 2 days researching why the maps are not responding when click on them. Now i don’t know what else to do to make it work.It is not eorking even if set to or any page. Can you please help me?
    Thank you in advance.


    1. Hi Oscar! Please contact me using the form here: sharing the link to your map and I’ll check.


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