Using the Content Suggestions Interface

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There are multiple places where you’ll be able to attach a content filter rule:

  • Count Quiz
    To a Feedback entry and to each Answer
  • Trivia Quiz
    To each Feedback entry created
  • Content Advisor Quiz
    To each Answer
  • Profile Quiz
    To each Profile created

These rules will be responsible to display the content suggestions to your users, in the quiz results.

You’ll see this button:

When you click the button, a lightbox will display, with an interface that will allow you to create filter rules to be attached to the previously mentioned elements of your quiz.

Example of a content filter rule

The first step will be to select the type of content. Once you select this, a new field will display, where you can select the search parameters to use. The parameters include:

  • Search by Keyword
    You’ll be able to add a keyword to be searched
  • Taxonomy Filters (Categories, for example)
    The taxonomies for the type of content chosen should be available here so you can filter them. You can also choose the operator to use, if you select multiple entries for the same taxonomy.
  • WooCommerce fields
    If you’re filtering WooCommerce products, you should be able to also filter by price, tags, dimensions among others.


Example of Filter using Price Parameter. Products with Regular Price bigger than 20.


On cases where the results provided to the user merge multiple rules, you can only use the Search parameter once

Once you finish to build the filter, click ‘Apply’. The lightbox will close and a resume of the selected filters will display in the component you’re attaching it to. You can edit the filter clicking ‘Add Content Suggestion Filter Rule’ again.

Filter rule resume.


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