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The Trivia quiz type is probably the most common, where you can test your users knowledge. Build questions with a correct answer or a group of correct answers and provide feedback depending on their score. To each feedback you prepare you can attach content or products recommendations. You can choose to display a set of random questions each time the quiz loads, allow multiple answers questions and reveal an explanation after the questions are answered.

Create a new Quiz

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When you’re logged into your site, go to Quizzes > Add New. You should see the panel to build your quiz. In the ‘Options’ section, select ‘Trivia’ in the ‘Type of Quiz’ option. This will reveal some information about the trivia quiz type and the options for this specific quiz type.

Add Feedback

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At the end of the quiz, the user will be presented with their results. The Feedback entries are the different messages that will display to the user depending on their result. You can decide to add the feedback entries before you have any questions or after you have some questions. It might make sense to create them after you have your questions, because you’ll know how many points a user can make, but in any case you can edit and add new entries at any time you edit your quiz.

Each feedback entry will have a number of points associated. That feedback entry will display if the user scores that amount of points of less – if there isn’t any other feedback entry with another amount. Imagine you have the following feedback entries

  • Feedback A – Display when user scores up to 5 points
  • Feedback B – Display when user scores up to 15 points
  • Feedback C – Display when user scores up to 25 points

If a user scores 7 points, it will display Feedback B, because the number is more than 5 (feedback A) and less or equal to 15 (feedback B). If the user scores 15 points, it will still display Feedback B.

With the existing feedback entries above, the user will get the following feedback:

  • From 0 to 5 points – Feedback A
  • From 6 to 15 points – Feedback B
  • From 16 to 25 points – Feedback C

So you should add your feedback entries considering this rule.

Below is how the ‘Feedback’ panel looks like.

  1. Feedback Title and associated points information
  2. Upload Image – If you want an image to display together with the feedback text, you should use this option, that will allow you to upload an image using the media library interface;
  3. Points – Display the current feedback entry when the user scores up to X entries.
  4. Title for this entry – will display as a title when the feedback displays.
  5. Description – longer text to describe this entry.
  6. Content Suggestions Filter Rule – if you want to display content suggestions, use this to open the interface that will allow you to select which content to display. More information on how to use it.
  7. Redirect To – if you just want to redirect the user to another page if he gets this result, just add the URL in this field;
  8. Delete – To delete this entry
  9. To add another Feedback Entry
  10. Here there will be information about the maximum amount of entries the user can select, based on the number of answers existing in your quiz.

Scoring Options

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The trivia quiz type provides some options to control how the questions are scored. You can set how many points a question is worth and in case of questions that allow multiple answers, how to calculate the score for them:

  • All or Nothing – Participants can only receive the points by marking all correct and no incorrect answers
  • Partial Credit – participants receive partial credit for each correct answer and are penalized for each incorrect answer (to a minimum of zero)

The option to set how many points an answer is worth, can be particularly useful if you have the option to provide partial credit.

You’ll find these settings in the ‘Options’ section.

Adding Questions

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To add questions and answers to your quiz, select the section ‘Questions’ to display the options.

  1. Question – Text that will represent the question being asked.
  2. Subtitle – Information to complement the question. Can be useful on questions that allow multiple selections to provide that information to the user.
  3. Image – If you want an image to display together with your question, use this option.
  4. Answers – Managing the answers for this Question. See the information below for more details on how to add answers.
  5. Hide Answers Titles – If all your answers have images, you might not need to display the titles. However the titles are mandatory, since they will identify the answer.
  6. Allow Multiple Answers – Choose if this question only accepts one answer or multiple answers.
  7. Add Commentary – If you want to display information to the user after he answers this question. You could provide some information about the correct answer.
  8. Add Question – To add more Questions. By default it will only allow up to 10 questions to be added. If you want to add more, read this.
  9. Delete Question

Adding Answers

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Adding questions to each answer is simple, you’ll just have to add a title, image (optional) and check if that answer is correct.

  1. Upload Image
  2. Answer Title (mandatory)
  3. Check if this answer is correct. You can have multiple correct answers.
  4. Delete this answer button
  5. Add new answer. You can have as many as you want.

Choosing your Layout

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You can choose the layout for your quiz navigating to the ‘Layout’ section.

Learn more about the different layouts and how to use them:

The Trivia quiz type will have a few specific options to control if the user gets information about the chosen answer being correct or wrong.

If the option to ‘Provide Immediate Result’ is enabled, when the user selects an answer, the information about that answer being right or wrong will display immediately. If that option is disabled, only when the user finishes the quiz will know what answers where correct. You can also select where that feedback will display.

Additional Options

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You can continue to customize your quiz exploring the other sections:

  • Social & Marketing
    Explore options to enable email capture and social sharing options.
  • Labels
    Options for quiz localization. You can change the text of your quiz messages and buttons.
  • Content Integration
    Options to include content together with the feedback results or between questions. Useful to incorporate ads for example.
  • Statistics
    Information about your quiz visits.
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