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Probably the most popular and viral kind of quiz. Ask questions to your users that will provide a profile in the end based on those answers. To each profile/personality you create you can attach content/product suggestions. This is a great way to segment your users based on their interests and personality. You can display more than one profile/personality in the end.

Each answer the user selects will have give or take points to the existing profiles/personalities you create. In the end of the quiz, the profile/personality with more points will display.

Create a new Quiz

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When you’re logged into your site, go to Quizzes > Add New. You should see the panel to build your quiz. In the ‘Options’ section, select ‘Profile’ in the ‘Type of Quiz’ option. This will reveal some information about the Personality/profile quiz type and the options for this specific quiz type.

Create Profiles/Personalities

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Before creating your questions and answers, you should already have an idea of the Personalities you want to create for the results. You’ll need them to exist already when adding the questions and answers, since each answer will have a rule to add or take points to the existing personalities. You’ll need at least one profile entry in order for the quiz to work properly.

The interface to add profiles:

  1. Upload Image – If you want an image to display together with the feedback text, you should use this option, that will allow you to upload an image using the media library interface;
  2. Title for this entry – will display as a title when the feedback displays.
  3. Description – longer text to describe this entry.
  4. Content Suggestions Filter Rule – if you want to display content suggestions, use this to open the interface that will allow you to select which content to display. More information on how to use it.
  5. Redirect To – if you just want to redirect the user to another page if he gets this result, just add the URL in this field;
  6. Delete – To delete this entry
  7. To add another Feedback Entry

Adding Content Suggestions

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The content suggestions can be attached directly to each profile created for the results. More information on how to use the content suggestions filter.

Adding Questions

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The questions panel for this quiz type include a lot of specific options. Below we’ll go through the available options.

Add New Question Interface

  1. Title
    The question text. The question itself.
  2. Subtitle
    Complementary text to the question. Will display smaller below the question. Could be useful to provide more information about the question or the give instructions to the user. For example, if the user can select multiple answers, you could include that information in this field.
  3. Image
    To add the image for this question. If you use the presentation layout, this is mandatory.
  4. Answers
    Managing the answers for this Question. See the information below for more details on how to add answers.
  5. Hide Answers Titles
    If all your answers have images, you might not need to display the titles. However the titles are mandatory, since they will identify the answer.
  6. Allow Multiple Answers
    If you want multiple answers to be accepted.
  7. Merge Rule (Ignore)
  8. Conditional
    If you want this question to display only if an answer from a previous question was select, enable this option.
  9. Check Question
    What Question answers to check to find out if this question should display or not.
  10. Operator
    What operator to use when comparing the answer. If you want this question to display if the answer from another question is equal or not equal a specific value, for example.
  11. Value
    Value to compare against. Should be an exact match.
  12. Add Question
     To add more Questions. By default it will only allow up to 10 questions to be added. If you want to add more, read this.

Adding Answers

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When adding answers to each question, you’ll also have to set the rules of points to give or take to each of the existing personalities/profiles.

To each Profile, you can give points or take points. If the user selects this answer, it will make the calculation according to the values added here. You can give up to 20 points and remove up to 20 also.

Choosing your Layout

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You can choose the layout for your quiz navigating to the ‘Layout’ section.

Learn more about the different layouts and how to use them:

Additional Options

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You can continue to customize your quiz exploring the other sections:

  • Social & Marketing
    Explore options to enable email capture and social sharing options.
  • Labels
    Options for quiz localization. You can change the text of your quiz messages and buttons.
  • Content Integration
    Options to include content together with the feedback results or between questions. Useful to incorporate ads for example.
  • Statistics
    Information about your quiz visits.




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