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If you’re looking for a simple layout and don’t want to depend on images, you can use the Minimal layout, which doesn’t use images and still looks clean and appealing.

Example of Question with Minimal Layout chosen

Options Overview

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  1. One Page – Select if you want all questions to display in one page, one after the other, or one at a time, in slides.
  2. Scroll to Next Question – If you have ‘one page’ enabled, select if you want the page to scroll to the next question, when the previous one is answered.
  3. Entry Screen – If you want to have an entry screen before displaying questions
  4. Entry Screen Background – Background Image for the entry screen
  5. Entry Screen Content – Text to display in the entry screen
  6. Content Position – Where the content for the entry screen will display
  7. Progress Bar – If you want to display a progress bar together with your questions, indicating the number of questions left
  8. Add Reload Button – To enable a button at the end that will allow the user to refresh the page and retake the quiz
  9. Content Suggestions Layout – Layout for the content suggestions attached to this quiz
  10. Suggestions URL target – Target to open the URL for a suggested content. Same page or new page.
  11. Minimal Height on Desktop – Minimal height for the quiz for bigger screens
  12. Minimal Height on Mobile – Minimal height for the quiz on smaller screens
  13. Quiz Max Width – Maximum width of the quiz container

One Page or Slides

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Entry Screen

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Progress Bar

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You can choose to display a progress bar at the bottom or top of the layout, that can either be a static text information or an animated bar. The progress bar will display the number of the current question and the total of questions. For example 3/6.

Content Suggestions

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The content suggestions can display at the end of the quiz together with the results, if you have setup ‘content suggestions filters’. You’ll be able to choose the layout for them:

  • Columns – The entries will display with an image (if it exists) and the title below, divided in the number of columns you have chosen;
  • Image List – The entries will display in a list, with the image on the left;
  • List – Simple list, without images.

In addition to the layout, you’ll be able to choose if you want the links to open in the same page or a new page/tab.


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There will be some sizing options available for the minimal layout. You can set a maximum width value, and a minimal height for desktop and mobile screen sizes. This can be useful to control how the quiz will look like across different devices.




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