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Since version 1.6.8, released in April 2019, the plugin can be integrated with MailChimp, to automatically send the email captured by the quiz to your MailChimp lists.

Add API Key

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The first thing to do is adding your MailChimp API Key to the settings page of the plugin.

Go to Settings > Email Services > MailChimp

Click the ‘Get your API Key here‘ and generate an API Key. Copy it into the settings page.

Save the changes and refresh the page to make sure it was setup correctly.


Enable MailChimp Integration in your Quiz

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When building your quiz, go to ‘Social & Marketing’ and enable the option to ‘Save data in external service’.

Add the List/Audience ID to the proper field. Use the link below to understand better how to get it.

The quiz should now be integrated with mailchimp, if the option to capture email is enabled.

Some Considerations

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  • If enabled, the first extra field will be used as the Name field on MailChimp.
  • In the Trivia, Count and Personality quiz types, the ‘Tag’ field for each feedback entry created will be used to populate the ‘Tags’ for the contact on MailChimp. Multiple tags can be added using commas.
  • For the Content Advisor quiz type, each suggestion title (product title for example) will be used to populate the ‘Tags’ for the contact on MailChimp.


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