How to Translate the Administration of the Plugin

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The plugin was developed to be translation ready and the administration can be translated to any language, the same way other plugins can.

There are 3 types of files used when translating a plugin, theme or even WordPress itself.

  • .mo which stands for Machine Object. This is the file you will be creating for your custom translations.
  • .po which stands for Portable Object. This is the file you will translate.
  • .pot stands for Portable Object Template. This is the file by which the .po is created and is essentially the same as .po.

In the plugin folder, you’ll find the ‘lang’ folder, where you’ll find the .pot file that you can use to translate.


We recommend you to use the free software Poedit.
Poedit is open source, easy to use and works on Mac OS, Windows and UNIX/Linux. You’ll be able to edit PO files and generate MO files.

  1. Run Poedit and select File > New catalog from POT file
    You will then to proceed to enter some details about yourself and be prompted to save your work.
    You should use the naming conventions when saving your file. It will need to have the plugin name as a prefix and the language code as a sufix. For example: advisor-quiz-sv_SE.po or advisor-quiz-pt_PT.po.
  2. Translate each the text

Once you save your work, upload the files to the /lang folder of the plugin.


There are several articles that give more details on how you can translate a WordPress plugin:

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