How to Export and Import Quizzes

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The current version of the Advisor Quiz plugin doesn’t have a dedicated import and export option. However you can use the WordPress builtin Import/Export tool that will work well, although it has some limitations.


To Export your quizzes, go to Tools > Export and select the ‘Quiz’ option from the available post types.

Click the ‘Download Export File’ and you should get a XML file that includes the information for all your quizzes.


To import your quizzes after an export, go to Tools > Import and select the WordPress Importer option.

Then follow the instructions on screen to upload your export file and import the data into your website.

Using this method to export/import plugins keeps the images on the original server and loads them from there. If you prefer to self host the images, you’ll need to re-upload them using the quiz administration interface.
The Quiz IDs might change when importing, so if you might need to apply the shortcodes again to your pages on teh new site, in case the old shortcodes are not rendering properly.

Export/Import Settings

In the settings page of the plugin you can also find an option to export and import just the settings for the Advisor Quiz plugin. Follow the instructions on screen to perform the export/import.

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