How to enable Automatic Updates

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There 2 ways to enable automatic updates.

Register Plugin

In the settings page of the plugin you’ll find the section ‘Register Plugin’. There you’ll be asked to add a ‘Envato API Token’. This will allow the plugin to access some of your Envato Account details, to confirm the purchase and access the latest version available of the plugin files.

To generate an Envato Token, you should visit this link:

Generate Envato API Token

In the options available, make sure the following are checked:

  • View Your Envato Account Username
  • Download Your Purchased Items
  • List Purchases you’ve made
  • Verify Purchases you’ve made

The other options are not necessary, since they won’t be needed to register the plugin.

Once you have the plugin registered you’ll receive automatic updates for the plugin.


Envato Market Plugin

Alternatively you can use the Envato Market Plugin. The process is very similar, since you’ll also be asked to add an Envato API Key.

Envato Market Plugin

You might prefer this option if you have multiple plugins or theme purchased from Envato Market.

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