How to Add a Quiz to my site?

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After you create a quiz and save it, you’ll get access to a shortcode. A shortcode is a piece of text that will be rendered into content in the frontend. Basically you’ll need to place this piece of text in the page or post where you want it to display.

You’ll see the ‘Shortcode’ box on the sidebar when editing a quiz.

And on the list of created quizzes in the administration quiz archive.

Once you have the shortcode, you’ll just need to place it where you want it to display.

Classic Editor

Using the classic editor, you’ll just need to add the shortcode anywhere on the text. If the shortcode renders as text and does not display the quiz when you preview your page, try pasting the shortcode using the ‘Text’ mode and not the ‘Visual Mode’.

New WordPress Editor – Gutenberg

In the new WordPress Editor, you can add the shortcode using the ‘Shortcode’ block, or using the ‘Classic Text’ block.

For the shortcode, the important parameter (option) is the id=” which is mandatory. The title parameter is just a reference, it is not mandatory.

Each quiz will have a unique numeric ID and each shortcode will reference that ID. The plugin will replace the shortcode with the Quiz itself on the page where you place it.

Most of the page builders allow you to use shortcodes on Text Modules and you can also render them on text widgets.

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