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Build a group of questions and answers that will act as filters for your content or products. More than a quiz, this will act as a wizard or assistant. Disguise your advanced search as a quiz to engage users and allow them to find the perfect match of content or products.

Each answer will correspond to a filter and in the end all filters will be merged and performed search query to find the matches. You can also setup dependent questions, that will only display if users selected a specific answer on a previous question.

The possibility are endless. Perfect for online shops to allow users to search the perfect product in a more engaging way, improving conversions. Help them find the perfect Christmas and birthday presents or valentine’s day gifts, for example.

Before starting to build the quiz itself, you should already have a general idea of what questions you’ll need and what content filters each answer will have. Simple example of how you can use a question/answer to add a search filter for a WooCommerce Product of a clothing store:

Question 01: Do you want something for the Cold weather or Warm weather?
Answer 01: Cold Weather > Could filter categories like ‘Jackets’, ‘Coats’, ‘Sweaters’…
Answer 02: Warm Weather > Could filter categories like ‘T-Shirts’, ‘Shorts’, ‘Hats’…

Question 02: Is it for a Man or Women?
Answer 01: Man > Filter Men’s Clothes
Answer 02: Woman > Filter Woman’s Clothes
Answer 03: Indifferent > Empty Filter

So the final filter query could be for example Men’s Jackets, Coats or Sweaters.
The questions can also have a ‘priority’. The plugin will first try to display results for all filter rules merged, from all the questions. If there are no results, then the plugin will remove the queries from low priority questions and try to get results from those filters.

Create a new Quiz

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When you’re logged into your site, go to Quizzes > Add New. You should see the panel to build your quiz. In the ‘Options’ section, select ‘Content Filter’ in the ‘Type of Quiz’ option. This will reveal some information about the quiz type and the associated options.

Setup Type of Content to Filter

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You’ll see the option ‘Type of Content’ on the ‘Options’ section. Here you should select which type of content you want the quiz to filter and recommend and the end. The dropdown option should include ‘Posts’, ‘Media’ and all Custom Post Types created by plugins or Themes, such as Products from WooCommerce. If you have a Team plugin, like Team Showcase,  you can also select to filter the team member entries, for example. The custom post types must be publicly accessible, otherwise they won’t be possible to select here.

Add Questions

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To add questions and answers to your quiz, select the section ‘Questions’ to display the options.

  1. Question
    Text that will represent the question being asked.
  2. Subtitle
    Information to complement the question. Can be useful on questions that allow multiple selections to provide that information to the user.
  3. Image
    If you want an image to display together with your question, use this option.
  4. Answers
    Managing the answers for this Question. See the information below for more details on how to add answers.
  5. Hide Answers Titles
    If all your answers have images, you might not need to display the titles. However the titles are mandatory, since they will identify the answer.
  6. Allow Multiple Answers
    Choose if this question only accepts one answer or multiple answers.
  7. Merge Rule
    What operator to use when merging the filters of multiple options selected
    AND – Will consider entries that follow all filter rules selected
    OR – Will consider options of at least one of the options selected
  8. Conditional
    If you want this question to display only if an answer from a previous question was select, enable this option.
  9. Check Question
    What Question answers to check to find out if this question should display or not.
  10. Operator
    What operator to use when comparing the answer. If you want this question to display if the answer from another question is equal or not equal a specific value, for example.
  11. Value
    Value to compare against. Should be an exact match.
  12. Importance
    Priority for this question. The plugin will first try to display results for all filter rules merged, from all the questions. If there are no results, then the plugin will remove the queries from low priority questions and try to get results from those filters. Choose the priority for this question here.
  13. Add Question
     To add more Questions. By default it will only allow up to 10 questions to be added. If you want to add more, read this.

Add Answers & Filters

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When adding an answer, you’ll also need to associate a content filter.

You can associate an image, add a title and use the ‘Content Suggestion Filter‘ interface to build your filter. Try to add simple query rules, so they can successfully merge with the filters from other questions/answers. Avoid using multiple filter parameters, stick to one parameter, meaning, avoid having a rule that filters both by tags and categories on the same answer, try to include them in different questions if possible.

Example of a simple query rule:

The type of content to filter will be pre-selected. Then you can choose the ‘filter by’ option, that will reveal the corresponding options below. In this case, we’re adding a filter that says: ‘Products with the categories Clothing or Hoodies’. Maybe in the next question you’ll add a filter that will say ‘Products that cost more than $10’. In the end these rules will merge.

Choosing your Layout

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You can choose the layout for your quiz navigating to the ‘Layout’ section.

Learn more about the different layouts and how to use them:

Additional Options

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You can continue to customize your quiz exploring the other sections:

  • Social & Marketing
    Explore options to enable email capture and social sharing options.
  • Labels
    Options for quiz localization. You can change the text of your quiz messages and buttons.
  • Content Integration
    Options to include content together with the feedback results or between questions. Useful to incorporate ads for example.
  • Statistics
    Information about your quiz visits.




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