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Before starting to build your quiz in the plugin interface, you should already have a general idea of what the quiz will be about, what type of quiz it will be (personality/trivia/count/advisor) and if that’s the case, some images to be used. Once you know this information, you can start creating your quiz! In your WordPress administration screen, go to Quizzes > Add New. You should see the screen below.

Selecting the Quiz Type

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The first option you should select should be the ‘Type of Quiz’. This option will influence which options will be available to build your quiz, so make sure to select the correct one. You’ll find this option in the ‘Options’ section, the first section of the build quiz panel. These are the types of quizzes available:

  • Content Filter
    Build a group of questions and answers that will act as filters for your content or products. More than a quiz, this will act as a wizard or assistant. Disguise your advanced search as a quiz to engage users and allow them to find the perfect match of content or products. Each answer will correspond to a filter and in the end all filters will be merged and performed search query to find the matches.
  • Trivia
    The most common quiz type, where you can test your users knowledge. Build questions with a correct answer or a group of correct answers and provide feedback depending on their score.
  • Personality
    Probably the most popular and viral kind of quiz. Ask questions to your users that will provide a profile in the end based on those answers.
  • Count
    Ask one or more questions to your users where there isn’t a right or wrong answer, they will simply have to select as many answers as it fits them, depending on the question, and provide feedback according to the amount of answers selected.


Depending on the option you select here, the options available will change.

Prepare the feedback / results

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For the Trivia and Count quiz types you’ll need to setup feedback entries depending on the score/count of the user and for the Personality Quiz you’ll need to create ‘profiles’ to display. They work in a very similar way. The option to add feedback/profiles will display once you select the quiz type, in the ‘Options’ section of the ‘Add new Quiz’ screen. You’ll need to write some text to display to your user, maybe upload an image and setup quiz type specific options. Depending on the type of quiz, it might be easier to do this before or after you have all your questions. You’ll have the option to add content suggestions or even add a link so the user is redirected if he gets this feedback/profile entry.

Example of Adding Feedback in the Trivia quiz type


Add Content Suggestions

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Depending on the type of quiz, you’ll be able to attach content suggestions to the results in different ways. The interface to add content suggestions will be the same.

Example location of a button that will display the options to attach content suggestions. In this case we would be attaching content suggestions to a profile created in a Profile/Personality quiz type.

Options to attach content. In this case we would display posts from the ‘uncategorized’ category.

Add Questions and Answers

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This is the most important step of building your quiz. Follow the instructions on screen and fill out the different fields for each question. Different types of quizzes will provide different options. You can add subtitle, image, control other options and, of course, add answers. Each answer can also have an image attached.

Example of Add New Question Screen

Choose your layout

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The next step would be to choose the layout. You’ll find the layout options in the ‘Layout’ section of the edit screen of the quiz.
There are 3 layouts available:

  • Presentation
    This layout will work as a slider presentation and each question will have an image in the background. One question will display at a time. Perfect if you want your user to focus on the quiz and engage him with beautiful background images.
  • Image Grid
    The most common quiz layout, where each question and answers can have images.
  • Minimal
    If you’re looking for something more simple and don’t want to depend on images, you can use the Minimal layout, which doesn’t use images and still looks clean and appealing.

Depending on the layout you choose, you’ll have different options and settings to control the way your quiz will display.

Partial screen for the Presentation layout options.


Publish your Quiz

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Once you have your quiz type selected, your questions and answers added and the layout chosen, you can save your quiz, clicking the ‘Publish/Update’ button. Then on the sidebar you’ll a shortcode box. That shortcode is what you need to copy and place on the page where you want the quiz to display.

Location of the Shortcode that you can use on your pages

Example of shortcode added on a page.

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