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Advisor Quiz is a Premium WordPress plugin to build quizzes with results that include content or product suggestions based on user’s answers. In this article we’ll go through the plugin administration options to understand how it works.

The Menu

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Once you install the plugin you should see the new menu entry ‘Quizzes’ with the lightbulb icon.

Settings Page

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In the settings page you’ll find options that globally control the quizzes and to register the plugin. The settings are divided by sections and subsections so they are easier to find.

  • Visual Settings
    This is where you’ll find the options to control how your quiz will look like globally. When building a quiz you’ll have options to customize that individual quiz, but on the settings page you’ll find options that affect all quizzes. Options include font settings and colours for each of the available layouts and settings to control the transitions. You can find all articles about how to use these options here:
  • Advanced
    The Advanced section is where you’ll find the options to include custom CSS and Javascript code. This usually needs some understanding of how CSS and Javascript works, so that’s why it is under the ‘Advanced’ category.
  • Plugin Registration
    Here you’ll find the option to register the plugin to enable automatic updates.

Build New Quiz

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The ‘Build New Quiz’ menu entry takes you to the screen where you’ll build your quiz.

The options to build a quiz are divided into sections. You’ll be able to select the type of quiz to create, add questions and answers, setup the results and choose the layout. Essentially, they are divided into the following sections:

  • Options
    Where you’ll choose the quiz type and setup the feedback and results
  • Questions
    To add questions and answers to your quiz
  • Layout
    Select the layout and control related settings
  • Social Marketing
    Enable social sharing buttons and email options
  • Labels
    To control the messages and text labels displayed in the quiz
  • Content Integration
    You can integrate HTML content in different parts of your quiz. Useful to integrate Ads for example.
  • Statistics
    Where you can see statistics about the quiz visits, answers, results and conversions.

Quizzes Archive

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This page will give you an overview of you quizzes and links to the edit screen of each one.

You’ll have access to the usual options of edit or delete a quiz, the shortcode needed to make it work on a post or page, the quiz type information and some statistics.

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