Rich Snippets

Rich Snippets provide meta data about your page to the search engines.
If you are using the STAR RATING option for your entries, you can activate the Rich Snippets so Review or Aggregate Review information will be included in the code.
The code will follow the formats.

For the Rich Snippets to work properly, they need to follow certain rules:

  • There can only be one Testimonials Showcase shortcode on a page (unique link) for the search engines to display the information.
    This is because each shortcode will output information of an ‘aggregate review’ and only one is needed for the search engines to interpret the reviews information. If there are multiple ‘aggregate review’ information blocks, although the search engines will understand the information, they won’t display the star icons, that make the difference.
  • There must be information about the ‘product being reviewed’.
    Search engines will need to know what is being reviewed. By default the title of your website will be the title of the product. You can change this in the plugin settings.


You can test the rich snippets using the Google Structured Data Testing Tool. Here are some links of pages using the Testimonials Showcase on the Google Testing Tool:

Actual Google Screenshots