Hover Grid with Group Filter

From version 1.1 (available from July 1st 2013) of the plugin, it’s possible to include a menu to do a live filter of the groups of teams!

In this case the menu will have the departments of a company, and when clicked, only the team members of that department will display. Test it below.

  • All
  • Sales Team
  • Support
    • Human Resources
    • IT
  • Design
  • Finance
  • Marketing
Jane M. Jones
Melvin C. Kelly
Maria C. Garcia
Jerry E. Baca
Juan A. Swain
Mildred Martin
Cora B. Jordan
Joseph McKinnon
Rhonda Rubin
Brian C. Travis
Mathew Hartley
Walter A. David
Margaret Foote
Tiffany Matlock
Lorene Spencer
Mike Christensen
Richard K. Vidal
Robert M. Doran
Elene McKnight
Ruth P. Gilliam
Robert K. Levine
Larry T. Collins
Ruth McKelvey
Susan N. Young