Add Custom Information Fields

Since version 1.8.6 it’s possible to add custom fields. You can do this opening the ‘Advanced Settings’ page (clicking the option ‘Show Advanced Options’ in the settings page, on the top right corner) and adding the proper information to the ‘Custom Information Fields’ textarea. The format must follow the syntax:

id,Label,Description,format(text/textarea),fontAwesome code;

  • id – text identifier, with no spaces, for this field.
  • Label – Text that will display in the administration, to identify this field.
  • Description – Text that will display together with this input when adding/editing a member.
  • Format – input format. Can be either ‘text’ or ‘textarea’.
  • fontAwesome code – the FontAwesome icon identifier, usually fas fa-something

Example of 2 custom fields:

fax,Fax,Fax Number,text,fas fa-fax;
age,Age,Age for this member,text,fas fa-user;

Each field info must finish with a ;

You can add 3 more parameters, not mandatory, to control some other things:

  • Filter: tel/email – Will filter the values to have tel/mailto links
  • Container: html code to contain the value. Use %s as the placeholder for the value.
  • Structured data property: parameter form the type. More information


fax,Fax,Fax Number,text,fas fa-fax,tel,<div class="ts-fax">%s</div>,faxNumber;
birthdate,Date of Birth,Date with the format Y-m-d,text,fas fa-user,,,birthDate;

Notice the empty spaces for parameters we don’t want to add on the second line of this example. The first 5 are mandatory, but if you want to add for example just the structured data property, the previous values will also need to exist, even if empty.

Adding Custom Social Networks

To add new social network fields and icons, follow the same rules, where the format is the following:

id,Label,fontAwesome code; 


jsfiddle,JSfiddle,fab fa-jsfiddle;

At the moment we can only use icons that are included in the FontAwesome library.