USA map examples for Wordpress created with Interactive World Maps Plugin.

United States of America Map

This is another example of a map of the US created with the interactive maps plugin for WordPress.

You can check more example of USA maps to see other possibilities of use for this plugin.

Here is how the administration panel looks like:


(click to enlarge the full screenshot)

You can choose any color for the state, or even leave states out, without any interaction.

In this case we used a sequential color scheme to exemplify what you can do. For reference I used colorbrewer.
You can easily set the states clickable, redirect it to a URL or display more info below or above the map.

Together with the map of the US, you’ll have access to all other kinds of maps, including a map of the work, divided by countries, continentes, or subcontinentes, or display in more detail other countries.

Get this plugin now and start building your US map in minutes! It’s very easy to use!

US Map for WordPress

This is an example map of the US created with the Interactive World Maps plugin for WordPress. You can easily color the states with different colors and set the tooltip information and what will display under the map after the user clicks on a state.

You can use this to show contact informations, use it as a infographic or any other purpose.


US Interactive Office Location Map

Click on the markers to see more details


This is a simple example of a map of the USA. We added a few markers that could indicate office locations or something else. You can then specify an action for the markers, in this case we created a custom action to display HTML information below the map. The plugin already comes with built-in actions like opening a new link or display an alert message. You can specify colors of the markers and the color for the US map.

For instructions on how to build this custom action, check out this other example of a world map with office locations.

With this wordpress plugin you can create as many maps as you want!

Interactive Map – US Cities – Load large number of markers

This is an example of a map of the USA that loads more than 130 city markers.
This map was creating adding the location with Latitude/Longitude values so the large number of markers loads instantly.

This map uses some advanced CSS customization.

Your own custom Interactive USA Elections Map

Click any state to see a custom message here!


Create your own map of the US Elections for your WordPress!
You can customize tooltips and create advanced onclick interactions!

Buy the plugin and ask me for tips on how to build a map like this one.

ps: this map was built in a random way. It does not reflect my political views in any way.

USA – Map of State Capitals


This is an example map with a list of the capitals in the United States;
It displays markers on each of the capital cities. With this plugin you can create this kind of maps, and choose whatever size and color you want for the markers, and add onclick actions for the user, like opening a new url or displaying an alert message among others.

SVG Maps of each state in the USA

With this plugin you will be able to display individual States of the US, fully color them or create markers. You can also display the states divided by metropolitan regions.

Here are some examples:

In this example the map of Texas is displayed and colored. When the user clicks it, a new window will open with the wikipedia page of this state.

In this example, markers were created in some of the main cities of the Washington state. On click, an alert message will display with the population.

This is a map of California’s metropolitan areas.

In this example a map with New York State metropolitan areas is displayed with some markers in chosen cities.


With this plugin you will be able to create this kind of maps on your WordPress site, using a simple administration panel:




Simple United States Map

This is a very simple USA map, with no interactive elements.