Your own custom Interactive USA Elections Map

USA - Election Map
Click any state to see a custom message here!


Create your own map of the US Elections for your WordPress!
You can customize tooltips and create advanced onclick interactions!

Buy the plugin and ask me for tips on how to build a map like this one.

ps: this map was built in a random way. It does not reflect my political views in any way.


  1. Gunnar Stromsoe   •  

    I need to set-up districts with a population count of approxamately 68 000 people per district. Because there is an overriding commission structure involved i need to get the polygon boundries and the pop count for that particular polygon. The idea is to use current market polygons and combine them to form the ± 68 000 pop count districts worldwide. I’m pretty sure with all your mapping experience that there must be a relatively simple way obviously with effort in time spent. Thank you

    • Carlos Moreira   •     Author

      The maps are generated from a Google library, so I didn’t build the maps myself. Therefore I don’t think I can help you with this task, I’m sorry.

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