SVG Maps of each state in the USA

With this plugin you will be able to display individual States of the US, fully color them or create markers. You can also display the states divided by metropolitan regions.

Here are some examples:


In this example the map of Texas is displayed and colored. When the user clicks it, a new window will open with the wikipedia page of this state.


In this example, markers were created in some of the main cities of the Washington state. On click, an alert message will display with the population.


This is a map of California’s metropolitan areas.

New York Metro Areas

In this example a map with New York State metropolitan areas is displayed with some markers in chosen cities.


With this plugin you will be able to create this kind of maps on your WordPress site, using a simple administration panel:





  1. Dario   •  

    I,m instered in buying the plugin but I’ve some questions.
    1. The zoom circle is automatic when two or more markers are so close?
    2. Is it possible to customize the marker with an image?
    3. Is it possible to put in the Action Value field text+link or HTML code?


    • Carlos Moreira   •     Author

      Hi Dario. Thank you for your interest.
      1. Yes, the zoom circle is automatic when there are 2 or more markers too close.
      2. Unfortunately it is not possible to use custom images for the markers, we have to use the round colored markers.
      3. Yes, it’s possible to put HTML content in the action value (including links and even images).
      Feel free to contact me with any other question.
      Greetings, Carlos

  2. Frank   •  


    About displaying metropolitan areas from state, do you have the same option for any country?



    • Carlos Moreira   •     Author

      Hi Frank. Metropolitan Areas are only available for the US maps unfortunately.

  3. Rajesh   •  


    Great wok, I’m Interested in this before that i have few questions.

    Using this plugin,

    1) Is it possible to update the data dynamically i.e suppose there are already 10 markers available, now i want update 11th one, Is it possible to update without starting from start

    2) is it possible to update the colors for already available markers

    • Carlos Moreira   •     Author

      Hi, thank you for your interest. The answer is Yes to both questions. Greetings, Carlos

    • Carlos Moreira   •     Author

      Hi, unfortunately the plugin only includes state level maps, not county maps.

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