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Here are some examples of vector maps created with the plugin. Use the example list to navigate between examples. If you don’t find what you’re looking for feel free to contact us and ask us to create an example.

World Offices Map Information Display


World Office Locations Placeholder
World Office Locations
Click on the markers for more information

With the Interactive World Maps plugin you can create a World Map and display markers wherever you want. In this Example I created markers in different locations of the world, with custom colors, and I created a custom javascript action to display information about each office on click.
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Map of Iran with Interactive Markers

Iran Full Placeholder
Iran Full
Iran Markers Placeholder
Iran Markers

The colour for Iran and the markers can be customized.

This example uses the same technique to hide neighbouring regions as this example.

Map of Iran divided by Provinces

Iran Placeholder

The codes of the Iran provinces can be found on Wikipedia. The province of Alborz is not supported yet, since it has been added recently to the ISO catalogue.

Poland Map with Icons

Poland Base Map Placeholder
Poland Base Map
Poland Markers Placeholder
Poland Markers

Example of Poland with vector icons. This map was created using these techniques:




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