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Map Front Page

Official website of Interactive World Maps WordPress Plugin. This page will feature example Maps created with this powerful plugin that enables you to display hundreds of different kind of maps and create interactive elements.

Display a map of the World, a continent or virtually any country in the world!!

It will display SVG maps from the Google Geochart Api.

You can leave comments with questions about the plugin.

New example maps will be created from time to time.


United States of America Map

This is another example of a map of the US created with the interactive maps plugin for WordPress.

United States Map

You can check more example of USA maps to see other possibilities of use for this plugin.

Here is how the administration panel looks like:


(click to enlarge the full screenshot)

You can choose any color for the state, or even leave states out, without any interaction.

In this case we used a sequential color scheme to exemplify what you can do. For reference I used colorbrewer.
You can easily set the states clickable, redirect it to a URL or display more info below or above the map.

Together with the map of the US, you’ll have access to all other kinds of maps, including a map of the work, divided by countries, continentes, or subcontinentes, or display in more detail other countries.

Get this plugin now and start building your US map in minutes! It’s very easy to use!

World Offices Map Information Display


World Office Locations
Click on the markers for more information

With the Interactive World Maps plugin you can create a World Map and display markers wherever you want. In this Example I created markers in different locations of the world, with custom colors, and I created a custom javascript action to display information about each office on click.
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Branch Office Locations in Germany with Interactive Map plugin for WordPress

Map of Germany

Create interactive maps never was so easy. With Interactive World Maps plugin you can create your own map for your purpose. Do you need to create a map of Germany? You can color the regions as in this example and set a tooltip for a specific location. If you hover the map you can see that some information is displayed (name of an office brach, address, opening and closing time). Other interactive actions are also possible, such as displaying information above or below the map image, click to open an image or link.
In this website you can find information on how to use he plugin.

Get the plugin now and start building your own interactive map.

Map of Italy for WordPress websites

Italia II

This time in our example page we take a little tour through the Italian Regions with our new interactive Italian map. We chose a setting for our map in order to divide all the Regions of Italy, and we gave the information about the Region name and the state capital.

Different shades of blue are applied for the map.  But you can definitely decide to color each Region in a different way! Or pick just some Regions instead of all.  If you don’t know where to take the color you can go here:  colorbrewer.

This is only one of the possible use for this Interactive World Maps plugin , get it to try out what you can do with it in your website or blog. Do you want to point some specific cities, link to another website, add an image? Do you want to show your clients where you company offices are located in your Country or on a World map? Do you want to show your friends the next destinations of your challenging trip around the World?  This plugin will help you.

Learn more about the Interactive World Map plugin in this website, the “About” section will give you a nice tour over the features.  And if you are experienced enough you can also create some Javascript functions for customized features.

And.. don’t forget to drop a message if you have any doubt or trouble with it.
Have a nice map experience.


Vi mostriamo in alto l’esempio di una mappa interattiva dell’Italia creata con questo plugin per WordPress. Abbiamo diviso l’Italia per Regioni, colorato ogni Regione e specificatone nome e capoluogo. Ma è solo uno degli esempi delle applicazioni di questo plugin. È anche possibile selezionare solo una o più Regioni, aggiungere immagini, scegliere di selezionare città invece che Regioni, aggiungere link.  All’interno di questo sito trovate altri esempi di possibili utilizzi. È un plugin intuitivo e facile da utilizzare. A vostra disposizione per dubbi o domande!

Interactive Map of Poland – Travel map example


Example map of Poland, with markers on chosen cities.

Interactive World Map plugin will help you to create interactive maps. You can create maps of a single country or the whole World. It’s up to you!
With this plugin you can for instance show the travel destinations of your last trip.
Here for example we have the map of Poland, where we marked some cities with a colored bubble. They can be red, green, blue, you choose, you just have to assign a HTML color code. Or you can color the regions of Poland instead of cities.
Building this is very intuitive. To place the markers we chose the option “Display Mode: Markers (Coordinates)” in order to display the cities by coordinates. This will makes the markers load faster which is recommended if you have many cities to display.  Furthermore  the marker will display more information below the map by choosing the action “Display Content Below  Map”. Write whatever HTML content you like. Browse this website to see other examples.

Map of Turkey for WordPress


This is a map of Turkey divided by its regions, built with the Interactive World Maps premium plugin. In this example there is no action associated with the regions, but you can set the regions to be interactive, add links to them, make them open content with lightbox or display information below the map, after a user clicks a region. It’s very easy to set a map like this, you just need to use the ISO-3166-2:TR codes.

Check the screenshot below of the administration area for the map.


(Click the image to enlarge).

You can also set markers in locations instead of coloring regions. The plugin is very flexible.


Middle East map for WordPress with Google Geochart

Attention: the Google Geochart does NOT include a map with the view for Middle East by default. As does not the Interactive World Maps plugin. This post shows how you can display a map of Middle East using some techniques that are not available by default with the API/plugin.

With this technique, we apply some extra CSS to the template, to hide the unnecessary area from the world map view.

Middle East
CSS code:
#iwm_map_canvas {
#map_canvas_1 {
width: 350%;
height: 350%;
margin-left: -170%;
margin-top: -100%;
With these settings and the extra CSS we can use the world map and focus the view on the Middle East area. This way we can color the countries as we wish.

Vector Map of Ireland with Lightbox effect

Map of Ireland

Using vector maps instead of flash maps is a must these days. SVG maps are compatible with most of the new devices, like iPad and iPhone, as well as the most recent Android powered devices. With Interactive World Maps plugin for WordPress, you can create an array of maps, very easily, with a very intuitive administration form. In this example we created a map of Ireland, divided by its regions, and added colored markers to some locations, in this case, to whiskey breweries, just to serve as an example.

To place the markers, we just used textual information, but it’s also possible to add the markers with latitude and longitude values, for a faster and more precise placement and loading of the markers.

We extended the interactivity of the maps, by creating a custom javascript option, to open a lightbox window with an image. This option doesn’t come by default with the plugin, you will have to select the option of creating a custom action and use the lightbox code for it to work. By default the plugin already includes some Interactive actions, like opening an alert box, redirect the user to another URL, or display HTML information above or below the map. But since you can create custom actions, you can extend the interaction further. We also included some extra simple CSS to have the pointer cursor, when hovering the markers. The maps can also be customized with some advanced CSS selectors.

Check the screenshot below, to see how easy it is to set up a map like this:

(click to enlarge)

This plugin uses the powerful Google Geochart API to generate the maps.